Elicitation Training

Elicitation consists of a set of techniques which when used, enable the discovery of necessary information or requirements and our method relies foremost on empathy-based listening, asking timely and probing questions to get clarity at the root of the issue at hand.

I train individuals to gather more accurate information -
to make better decisions.
- Eric Maddox

Elicitation training is for any professional who relies on information to perform their role or functions successfully within an organization. Professions who would benefit from developing elicitation or information gathering skills include but are not limited to:

  • Wealth management
  • Healthcare (care coordinators)
  • Sales personnel
  • Customer service, client services, & support
  • Journalists and reporters
  • Personnel managers
  • Business owners
  • Human resources & recruiters
  • Real estate
  • Banking, finance, & lending
  • Insurance
  • Therapists & counselors
  • Educators
  • Counselors
  • Human services & social workers
  • Service & retail workers


Eric delivers training on the critical component to achieving success with the art of information gathering or elicitation through verbal communication.  He teaches nine specific questioning techniques that allow for transparency with potentially deceptive subjects.  The training will enhance an individual’s listening skills, covert communication skills, and increase the timeliness of internal decision-making ability.

During Elicitation Training You Will Learn:

  • How to prepare for meetings and keep discussions from heading off track
  • How to consistently achieve results from your requirements gathering sessions
  • How to conduct highly productive discussions so you can become more effective and efficient in information gathering
  • How to use information mapping during requirements gathering
  • How to identify and neutralize distractors and personal objectives that keep you from successful elicitation
  • The technique of continuity questioning
  • So much more!

Training packages are available in four (4), eight (8), and 24-hour packages.