Work with One of the Most Sought-After Business Leadership Speakers

Riveting war stories, entertaining storytelling, and techniques you can apply to your daily life — Eric Maddox takes the audience on a journey to discover the power empathy-based listening. As one of the most sought-after motivational speakers for leadership, business, and empathy-based listening, Eric will show your guests how they can improve their lives simply by being a better listener.

Winning through Empathy-Based Listening

Trust is the most important element of any kind of relationship, whether you’re dealing with a customer, employer, student, patient, or even a friend. As a seasoned business leadership speaker, Eric emphasizes the importance of empathy-based listening in developing trust and paving the way to your goals. In fact, this type of active listening allowed Eric to gather crucial information that led to the location of Saddam Hussein, the Ace of Spades in the infamous Deck of Cards.
On top of that, a guest speaker of Eric’s caliber makes the story relatable to his audience, which is why he draws parallelisms between the battlefield and the boardroom. He’ll illustrate how empathy-based listening can help you improve your performance and reach your goals, no matter your industry.

Discover the inside story of the search for Saddam Hussein—as told by the soldier who masterminded his capture
No other military speaker delivers empathy based listening as a tool that anyone can implement to see immediate results.