Empathy-Based Negotiation Strategies

Eric Maddox became the world’s most successful interrogator by mastering the art of identifying the perception of his adversary and communicating exclusively to that perception. Eric will use those same negotiation skills —fine-tuned over 2,700 interrogations — to give you the necessary insight about your position and your adversary.
Understanding and shaping all aspects of communication is the primary component to a successful negotiation. Throughout his time with the US Army, the DOD, the DIA, and as a civilian negotiator, Eric has created and perfected a methodology of intelligence organization: identifying, gathering, linking, analyzing, sharing and learning. This method was a critical component to the capture of Saddam Hussein in 2003 and continues to be the foundation for his corporate intelligence work.
With extensive experience in the field of negotiation, Eric Maddox illustrates what it means to effectively negotiate. He works hand in hand with clients to develop and implement the best strategy to maximize the outcome. Using your defined goals and objectives, Eric clarifies your power position and shapes communication to move value in and out of assets as needed to obtain maximum gain during the negotiation. Intelligence minimizes risk and strategic communication maximizes power. Eric’s expertise guarantees to position you into maximum results.

Areas for Eric’s negotiation services include, but are not limited to:







Just as empathy worked in gathering intelligence for the capture of Saddam Hussein, Eric Maddox illustrates how empathy-based listening can turn the tides in your favor during negotiations in business, hiring, and divorce. The stakes are high in these situations, so you need a seasoned negotiator — who has the experience of military intelligence — by your side.

Experience has taught Eric Maddox that empathy-based listening works wonders because you understand what the other side wants and why they want it. With the right negotiation methods, you’re able to ask the right questions at the right moment, so you can direct the flow of discussions to suit your agenda. As an empathetic listener, you have a greater ability to analyze the situation, see the big picture, and plan everything objectively.

Empathy-based listening also helps keep the discussion under control when the negotiations involve emotional attachments. No matter how heated the other party’s position, an empathetic negotiator remains calm and quiet, allowing the other side to express their positions. This builds trust between you and the other party, which can open the doors to favorable results.

“The key to any negotiation or interrogation is to identify the needs of the individual sitting across the table. Only when I can sit in their position will I know their weaknesses, their vulnerabilities and their price.” 

– Eric Maddox

Discover the inside story of the search for Saddam Hussein—as told by the soldier who masterminded his capture
No other military speaker delivers empathy based listening as a tool that anyone can implement to see immediate results.